Sulfatfri shampoo hvorfor er det godt

Sulfate -free shampoo why is it good

Sulfate -free shampoo why is it good

Many shampoos and balms contain sulfates. Sulfates are cheap, effective moisturizing agents that give foam, but they can be very hard and annoying to some people. Most sulfates contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which is the most irritating substance. Sulfates are also available as ammoniumlauryl sulfate (ALS) and as sodium Laureth sulfate (SLES).

What is sulfate?

Sulfates are a type of chemical substances often used in shampoo to foam and clean the hair. Some of the most common sulfates include sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). Unfortunately, these drugs can be very annoying to some people's scalp, especially those suffering from dry scalp or psoriasis. Sulfates can also dry the hair out, so it becomes frizzy and difficult to control.

Why sulfate -free shampoo?

Sulfate -free shampoo is good because it doesn't dry the hair out. Sulfates are a harsh ingredient that removes oils from the hair, leaving it dry and damaged. Sulfate -free shampoo does not contain these ingredients and is therefore much milder for the hair.

Sulfates in shampoo

Sulfates are found in many common shampoos and they help to foam the product. However, they can be very hard for both scalp and hair, and can also dry out the hair.

One Sulfate -free shampoo Does not contain these harmful ingredients and is therefore much milder for your hair. This type of shampoo will not foam as much as a regular shampoo, but that does not mean it is less effective. On the contrary!

The sulfates not only remove superficial fats from the scalp, but also take natural oils with them. A sulfate -free shampoo will therefore clean your scalp in a gentler way, without drying out your hair.

Benefits of sulfate -free shampoo

Sulfate -free shampoo is good because:

1. It milder toward the hair and therefore spare it better
2. It does not dry the hair out
3. It retains the natural oils of the hair that would otherwise be washed away
4. It reduces the risk of allergy and irritated scalp

Disadvantages of sulfate -free shampoo

The disadvantages of sulfate -free shampoo are that finding a good and cheap sulfate -free shampoo can be difficult. In addition, some sulfate -free shampoos may contain substances that are not as good for the hair, such as Silicone.

Sulfate -free shampoo - a good idea?

Sulfate -free shampoo has many benefits. First, sulfates are very cleaning ingredients, so if you need to remove fat or dirt from your hair, a sulfate -free shampoo may be the best choice. In addition, sulfates can dry out and irritate your scalp so that a sulfate -free shampoo can be more gentle.

Finally, many common shampoos contain chemicals such as parabens and phthalates that can have harmful effects on your health. Sulfate -free shampoo is often free of these ingredients, so it's a healthier choice.

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